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           Australian Native Fish
Ok for the Aussie Natives there going to be listed with common names as to most there scientific names dont mean a thing..

Australian Bass
This is a fairly plain looking fish....but to most the reason for keeping a Bass is the fact it's a "Bass" and there a great fighting fish...they also have alot of character as do most Aussies...
anyway heres a couple of pic's..i find these guy's are great to go with the Large Americans..there fast...hardy...and big...

Photo from  Native Fish Australia

Murray Cod (aka.goodoo)
This guy is a to grow about 1.83 meters in length about 72" (6ft) and weigh 113 Kg (250 lbs) with the Bass this guy has alot of character and can be a real pet....i know this guy with a 10" Cod .... it's called Murray for some weird reason and is very interactive with people outside the tank..along with character it's also a very attractive fish..though i cant say much about it being active as they do spend alot of time in log hollows....this is also one of Australia's most popular angling species and for that reason are quite uncommon in the wild... though recent stocking programs are improving the populations in our rivers...there are many similar species to the Murry Cod in different river sytems..theres the Mary River Cod, Clarence River Cod (an easter drainige cod) and the Trout Cod.... though the Trout Cod inhabits some of the same streaches as the Murray Cod..and is also in real danger of becoming exstinct ....all are vary similar in appearance....i would have presumed this guy to be a great mate for a Large American Cichlid, but i have been told otherwise...i was told it got ripped apart by some cranky Guapotes....but i think they should be fine..and this was just a one off incident..but i'm not to sure..i have not kept a cod before but intend to very soon..

Photo from  Native Fish Australia

Barramundi (aka.Barra, Giant Pearch)
This is another really really popular angling species...with a maximum length of 71" this guy is also a beast..but unlike the Cod this Fish is able to live in both Freshwater and Saltwater, and breed in Saltwater....this is also one of the coolest looking native that i have seen when juvenile it is black splotched with a sinlge white line from it's top lip to it's dorsal...i have seen this pattern on 12" fish but i have seen it already faded on 3" fish......this isnt an overly aggressive fish but can have it's sudden violent most of the large aussies it would be a great tank mate for the Large American Cichlids ....

Photo by Chuong Ngo from Australian Arrowanas/ Saratogas

Mangrove Jack (aka. Jack, Snapper)
This is one of my favorite natives has colour and just looks so cool..this is a Freshwater Saltwater Fish like the Barra..but it spends most of it's time near the mouths of Rivers...but are reguly found in open seas...also an aggresive fish this guy sees to calm down with a bit of salt added...i believe a great ,mate for a Large American Cichlid again..this guy is another large fish capable of reaching  36" in length..

Photo from  Native Fish Australia

Gulf Saratoga (aka. Aussie Arrowana, Jardini or Northern Barramundi )
This is my favorite Arrowana...... of course i would much rather a Blood Red Asian Arrowana but that would be mainly for the monetary value.... i believe that a Red Jardini is better looking than a Blood Red Asian Arrowana... and that's not just being biast... this is a Red Jardini..... this is a Normal Jardini

Photo from Native Fish Australia             Photo from Australia Native Fishes For Aquariums
Saratoga ( Aussie Arrowana, Spotted Barramundi, Leichardti  or Dawson Barramundi)
Similar to the Jardini, the Leichardti is a lighter fish but has single spots on each scale.. the Leichardti is also a more skittish fish... and is more likely to jump at activities outside there tank..

Photo from Native Fish Australia             Photo from Australia Native Fishes For Aquariums

Sleepy Cod
not alot is known about this fish...and i can't tell you to much....  but here is what i can tell you...they are quite popular as far as Aussie Native Fish go here and they arent to hard to find.... they are also the largest of the Gudgeon group.....i used to keep 2 i lost 1 after a week as it jumped out of my tank...... i guess that tell's you they dont lget on well with there own species... well thats about it i will try and find out more as i know thats not much...

Photo by Chuong Ngo from Australian Arrowanas/ Saratogas
Golden Perch
this is another fish from the Aussie Perch family and it's pretty much the same deal as the bass.....while this fish can withstand a wide range of tempratures it wont grow unless the water is higher than 18 degrees this fish gets older it genrally gets way out of porpotion with a huge gut and tiny head.... quite ugly!!
but they can have a really nice gold colour to them... this is also a very good angling species

Photo from Australia Native Fishes For Aquariums
Silver Perch


Tandanus Cat
this is probably one of my fav. Catfish...... i spose it's cuase i like weird things and well u cant get much weirder than these guy's....
they also are a great fish as u can keep them with Large Rainbow's thru to the American Cichlids.... they wont be aggressive but wont take crap from no fish!!... another good thing is there realatively cheap as far as large fish go.... these are another fish that can withstand a wide range of tempreatures from 6-7 degrees C to 28 degrees C.... these guy's also come in a whole range of colours from this spotty colour to straight yellow or straight black or even black with yellow fins...

Photo from Australia Native Fishes For Aquariums
Salmon Cat

Photo from Australia Native Fishes For Aquariums
this is more a brackish fish but it can be kept in freshwater but adding a little salt is recomended

Photo from Australia Native Fishes For Aquariums

Sooty Grunter(aka. Black Bream)
this fish is pretty cool..... it also has a mean reputation here in Aus as an aquarium fish and as an angling fish...... i have some great articles i would love to share with you guy's on this fish.... this fish is another Salt/Freshwater fish.........same as the barramundi it spawns in the salt water

Photo from Australia Native Fishes For Aquariums
Coal Grunter

Photo from Australia Native Fishes For Aquariums
Barred Grunter

Photo from Australia Native Fishes For Aquariums
Barcoo Grunter


Background Photo from Native Fish Australia