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                 Giant Cat's

Red Tail Catfish
these are by far my fav Catfish....and i can even get one here in Aus..they just cost around $600 ...wich i would be willing to pay.. but i need the money first.....
thes guy's have alot of character and can become alot like a BIG puppy.... and will even eat out of your hand...... thif fish is another enourmas predator..... able to reach 5ft in length these guy's are an awsome site.... a fish shop near me has a 3-4 ft Red tail in a large display tank..... not large enough mind you... but it looked awesome....... these guy really do need a huge tank.....not only cause the grow 5ft but there wiskers  also grow really long... and if there wiskers are given enough room this fish is likely to destroy ur tank by swimming through the side of the tank...

Photo from Fish Heads
Tiger Shovelnose Catfish
This cat is another beast with a similar size and temprament to the Red Tail Cat.....but with a different look......

Photo by Chad Christensen from the Missouri Aquarium Society

Channel Catfish

Porthole Catfish

Electric Catfish

European Wel
Wallago Catfish

Background Photo by Sharon Kay and Steve from The Fish Cube©